Teletextbildschirm mit farbiger Darstellung des KFA-Campus


60 Years of Research at the Centre

Dear visitors,

we are happy to welcome you on our website dedicated to our anniversary exhibition.

The image you may see on this page was taken on Open Day 1969. Since then, much has changed. Not only has our name changed from "Kernforschungsanlage" or "KFA" to Forschungszentrum Jülich (Research Centre Jülich). In connection with this, the focus of our research has shifted in many ways. This development is shown in our exhibition celebrating the 60th anniversary of what is now one of the biggest--and we think one of the greatest--research institutions in Europe.

We hope that you enjoy our exhibition website. The "offline version" of this exhibition is also open to the public. From Open Door Day on 5th June 2016, the 25 large panels are presented in the foyer of our central library in Jülich. Our historian and archivist Prof. Bernd-A. Rusinek will be on hand for guided tours. The exhibition is one of the highlights on that day.

Therefore, we would be happy to welcome you on our campus on 5 June to celebrate with us.

Further information on our activities on Open Day 2016